I love participating in Cat Shows!

Participating in a cat show is always great! I can find a lot of pluses in this: one of the positive side is FRIENDS, new and old friends = lots of useful information, chatting and sharing thoughts about anythins, and endless fun! We also love to compete with each other, whos cat is the best one in on group. 


Great cat show in Kaunas organized by Top Miau club! Big thanks and hug to Beata Kudzevičienė and her team!

PHOTO(below):We on best in show. Honourable!:)

PHOTO(upper):My kitties transported to judge”s table.

Kaunas, TopMiau:

Silver Ameli of Golden Neko: 2xEx1, 2xCACJ, 2xnomBIS

Silver Cairos of Golden Neko: 2xEx1, 2xCACP, WCF KITTEN RING 4th PLACE from 24 participants

Tallinn, Selena Tiger:

Silver Ameli of Golden Neko: 2xEx1, 2xCACJ, 2xnomBIS, Best in Show JUNIOR, WCF KITTEN RING 4th PLACE from 14 participants

Silver Cairos of Golden Neko: Ex1, CACJ, nomBIS


My Silver boy Cairos was sleeping during Best in Show.

PHOTO1: Very sleepy cat on Best in Show:)

How the Best in Show is organized?

PHOTO2:Animal should be shown correct and beautifully to judges.

PHOTO3:Judge should choose you 2 times. First, in you sex and category. Second, you are against opposite sex winner and to win you should suppress him or her!

PHOTO4:Victory! Best in Show JUNIOR – our girl Silver Ameli of Golden Neko!

Special thanks to Selena Tiger club for great show and awesome prizes/awards!