Golden Corrado of Britain Yard

Golden Corrado of Britain Yard

Color: Black-Golden-Shaded

EMS code: BRI ny 11

Birth date: 29-March-2010

Blood group: A

Economical Animal DNA Testing: PKD – negativ

FIV & FeLV- negativ

HCM – negativ (DNA& ultrasound testing)

Owner: Pavel Kijanets

Judge: Edström Anne-Gro (Norway) FIFe Watch video!

Fantastic eyes! Wow! Wow, fantastic eye colour. Very nice shape of head…

Judge: Thomas Andersen (WCF AB, TICA AB) Watch video!

This is a rare colour, we don’t see to many of them. This is a black-golden-shaded. Look, how beautiful this colour actually is! This is a really golden colour! No markings, no markings at all! Really, really a shaded cat. Beautiful golden pattern, beautiful length of a tail, beautiful length of the body. He is big and strong young boy! Once more, look at an eye colour of this cat! He’s got a really, really big and green eyes! This is a beautiful cat, that have wonderful expression, very rare colour and actually this is very, very good quality of the coat for golden-shaded cats.

Judge: Andreas Möbius (AB) WCF, (AB) TICA. Watch video!

Magnificent apricot undercoat, beautiful rounded head, absolutely wonderful green eyes, he have strong and muscular body with heavy morphology, very big eyes!

Judge: Jan Rogers CFA Watch video!

It is probably one of the most unique colours that we have in any breed!… Very, very densely coated! Beautiful green, green eyes… Very muscular, but the colour of this cat makes him extremely rare and very-very unique!

Judge: Satu Häämalainen CFA Watch video!

Beaauuutiful eye colour! Goldens need to have green eye colour, which he certainly has! …..He has this Teddy bear face, rounded lines of a head and he is got dark boots!


Show Results

09.10.2010 – junior – 2nd place WCF Kitten Ring Winner, Best Young Male in Special Golden Show, Ex1, nomBIS – Riga, Latvia (WCF) (video!)

10.10.2010 – junior – Ex1, nomBIS – Riga, Latvia (WCF) (video_1!) (video_2!)

12.11.2010 – junior – Ex1, nomBIS – Tallinn, Estonia (WCF)

13.11.2010 – junior – BEST Junior in British Breed Show, Ex1, nomBIS – Tallinn, Estonia (WCF)

20.11.2010 – kitten – 3xBest of Color, 3x First Place, 3 x 2th Best of Breed/Division – Tallinn, Estonia (CFA) (video!)

21.11.2010 – kitten – 3xBest of Color, 3x First Place, 3 x Best of Breed/Division – Tallinn, Estonia (CFA) (video!)

29.01.2011 – Open Class –Ex1,  CAC, Lahti, Finland (FIFe) (video!)

30.01.2011 – Open Class – Ex1, CAC, Lahti, Finland (FIFe)

08.05.2011 – Open Class – Ex1, CAC, Champion, Tallinn, Estonia (FIFe)


Pedigree: Golden Corrado ofBritain Yard (click to Download)


Mother Father
Old Possum`s Night Light*GB 

Blue Golden Shaded

(BRI ay 11)

Golden Quentin no Demetra 

Black Golden Tabby Spotted

(BRI ny 2464)