ICH Golden Edmee of Britain Yard

Golden Edmee of Britain Yard

Color: Black-Golden-Shaded

EMS code: BRI ny 11

Birth date: 10-June-2010

Blood group: A

Owner: Kijanets


Judge: Andreas Möbius, WCF

Excellent rectangular body. Nice head, round head, good cheeks and profile. Super nice green eyes! Ears are small and well placed. Excellent coat color with apricot undercoat. Lovely girl!

Judge: Nini Phalempin, WCF

Cobby type with excellent legs and paws. Big open green eyes. Nice type of a head with excellent skull, cheekbones, profile. Ears are little set good apart.  Coat very crisp. The golden color is very good, shading is regular. Very good girl!

Judge : Olga Mironova, WCF

Irresistibly beautiful cat! With big emerald green eyes, great golden color, pleasant texture and excellent tail.

Judge: Zheegulin Sergey, WCF

Big and round head.  Big green eyes and well set. Good coat. Tails is proportion to the body. Excellent cat!



Mother Father
CH Golden Xenia no DemetraBlack Golden Tortie Shaded(BLH fy 11) WCH Old Possum’s Rob RoyBlack Golden Shaded(BRI ny 11)