CH Silver Yesenia no Demetra

Silver Yesenia no Demetra

Color: Black-Silver-Shaded

EMS code: BRI ns 11

Birth date: 27-February-2011


Mother of: Litter -A-,


Judge: Andreas Möbius, WCF

Excellent  short body, fat legs with round paws. Very big, round, excellent green eyes! Ears are small and well placed.  Good silver shaded colour!

Judge: Sergey Zheegulin, WCF

Moderate large body. Big and good in form head. Eyes are green and well set! A really british weight! Excellent lady!

Judge: Natalia Tatishcheva, WCF

Muscular body in good proportions.  Excellent shape of a head with excellent profile.  Round and expressive green eyes.  Dense coat with harshly guard hairs. Tail without defects, proportional to the body. Beautiful and calm cat.

Judge: Marina Litvina, WCF

Excellent proportions, bone structure and musculature.  Round and excellent head. Filled enough forehead and excellent cheekbones. Huge intensive green eyes, well placed. Ears are n medium size and well placed.  No defects on tail.



Mother Father
GICH Silver Queen no DemetraBlack Silver Shaded(BRI ns 11) WCH Old Possum’s Rob RoyBlack Golden Shaded(BRI ny 11)