Golden Iman of Britain Yard

Golden Iman of BritainYard

Color: Black-Golden-Tortie-Tabby-Spotted

EMS code: BRI fy 24

Birth date: 30-May-2011

Owner: Kijanets

Mother of: Litter -C-,


Judge: Natalia Sidorova, FIFe

Medium body, excellent type. Head is round, strong chin, excellent profile,  Eyes are large light copper color. Ears are small with rounded tips, excellent set. Coat is short and good texture. Good golden, good spotted.

Judge : Igor Mikhailov, WCF

Body is in medium size, excellent balanced, elegant with excellent muscular type. Head in excellent proportion to body. Ears – Beautiful! Tail in excellent length, flexible. Pretty girl!

Judge: Irina Sadovnikova, WCF

Medium type body. A little bi short nose, prefer longer. Eyes are big and round. Ears are small and well set.



Mother Father
CH Silver Jeneva no Demetra*LVBlack Silver Tortie Shaded

(BRI fs 11)

CH Irrwish aus de Mondburd*DRed Silver Tabby Point

(BRI ds 21 33)