GICH Golden Zephyra no Demetra

Golden Zephyra no Demetra

Color: Black-Golden-Tabby-Spotted

EMS code: BRI ny 2464

Birth date: 11-March-2011

Owner:  Kijanets

Mother of: Litter – B –,


Judge: Andreas Möbius, WCF

Rectangular body. Rounded head, excellent nose. Eyes are big, open, excellent color! Coat in very good texture and color. Excellent condition!

Judge: Sergey Zheegulin, WCF

Rather heavy body! Head good in form. Eyes are green and well set. Tail in proportion to the body. Excellent girl!




Mother Father
CH Golden Galatea no DemetraBlack Golden Tabby Blotched (Classic)(BRI ny 22 64) ECH Golden Quentin no Demetra
Black Golden Tabby Spotted(BRI ny 24 64)