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Litter B

Litter – B – (born: 18.08.2012) Parents Mother Father Golden Zephyra no Demetra  Black Golden Tabby Spotted BRI ny 24 64 born: 11.03.2011 GEC Golden Yoshi no Demetra  Black Golden Tabby Ticked BRI ny 25 born: 27.02.2011 Name: Golden Brian of Golden Neko   Sex: MALE Color: BRI ny 22 64 Status: Reserve     […]


Litter A

Litter – A – (born: 30.07.2012) Parents Mother Father Silver Yesenia No Demetra (pedigree) Black Silver Shaded(BRI ns 11) Alex Sanata (pedigree) Black Silver Shell Chinchilla(BRI ns 11 ) More detailed info: Pedigree of Litter -A- Name: Silver Armani of Golden Neko Sex: MALEColor: BRI ns 11Status: sold Name: Silver Ameli of Golden NekoSex: FEMALEColor: […]



Our Graduates and Veterans:   1 GICH Golden Givenchy of Golden Neko   Color: Black-Golden-Point  EMS code: BRI ny 11 33  Birth date: 11-November-2013 2 ECH Silver Ameli of Golden Neko   Color: Black-Silver-Shaded EMS code: BRI ns 11 Birth date: 30-June-2012 3 ICH Oshy Miou of Golden Neko   Color: Black-Golden-Spotted EMS code: BRI ny 24 Birth […]